Benefits of using Cloud Strategies for IOT Platforms in business digital transformation

– This is my Master Degree thesis.

– Kindly note every 3-4 days I will request new chapter (THIS WILL DEPEND ON THE DELIVERD CHAPTER QUALITLY) so kindly note it will be continuous work for the same title , which means you need to take into your consideration all chapters should be talking on the same topic .

– Again the total will be 5-6 chapters but we will work on each chapter every 4 days.

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– Citation will be Harvard style.

– Each chapter should have around 5 references.

– My main goal from this research is to keep it simple and smart (my goal is to set a strategy for organizations on how to transform their businesses to digital transformation using cloud strategies and the benefit of doing that).

– Kindly read below my introduction chapter which have my guide for this research).

– Kindly if more time is needed for you for a better quality ask me (Im flexible).