conducting a research on the strategies, organizational structure, detailed tasks and systems used by the agencies responsible of performing the same scope of work of our agency (will be provided later) but in 3 different countries, were these countries are developed internationally in the field of municipal services.

Work steps:
1- comprehensive research (evaluation and classification on the best countries in the field of municipal services)
2- the scope of our agency might be divided between more than one govermental agencies within each country. Therefore, we need to know which agencies cover the scope.

Expected outcomes:
1- unified evaluation parameter’s matrix
2- evaluation and classification of countries in the field of municipal services.
3- defining the multiple agencies that cover the entire scope of work provided
4- clarifying the scope of work of each entity implementing the scope or a part of it.
5- defining agencies strategy model.
6- Organizational structure of each agency mentioned.
7- scope of work and detailed tasks for each sector and department in the organizational structure.
8- systems used to perform tasks.

further information will be provided later, thanks.