Becoming a Substance Use Disorder Mental Health Care Professional

Write a draft and final copy of a research paper in APA format covering the challenges of becoming a Substance Use Disorder Counselor. Your paper should contain (and will be evaluated on) on your discussion of the following topics:

Challenges and Responsibilities of Health Care Professionals (Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Care Professionals).
You must include at least 3 references. You must properly cite and reference your research materialplease be aware that if you use ideas or information from a secondary source that you MUST give proper credit to that source. Failure to do so is plagiarism.


A two-to three -page (500-750-word) essay
Assignment Details

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Conduct research.
Using the online library (Google Scholar) locate at least one journal and one article (two-to–three pages in length) that takes a stand on your argumentative research topic. Then, locate a second article or journal that takes the opposite or a different stance on your topic. In other words, you need to find at least three sources about the same topic that disagree with each other. Be sure to select articles that are from reputable sources such as news magazines or scholarly journals.

Step 2: Summarize each article.
Summarize what you learned from the article addressing one side of the issue. Be sure to cite the article used in this assignment according to APA style.

Then, summarize what you learned from the article addressing the opposite or a different side of the issue. Be sure to cite the article used in this assignment according to APA style.

Your summaries should be neutral; that is, your opinion on the topic should not be evident in either summary.

Step 3: Pre-write.
Complete the prewriting strategy for comparison-contrast papers and select the pattern for your essay. Be sure to show your work in the same file where you completed steps 1-2 above.

Step 4: Draft an essay.
Using your plan from step 3, complete the draft of an essay comparing and contrasting the two articles. This draft will be the basis for your research essay.

Your introduction should provide a brief overview of the research topic.
Your thesis should indicate whether your draft will focus on the similarities, differences, or both between the two articles, and it should prepare readers for the body paragraphs. It should also indicate which side you prefer.
Your body paragraphs should include specific evidence (summaries, paraphrases or quotes) that help readers understand the points you are making.
Your conclusion should indicate the effects of the disagreements on this topic. Why do these two sides exist? Why is compromise possible/desirable or not?
Step 5: Revise.
Reread your draft. Make changes that improve the thesis, the topic sentences, and the transitions in your paper as recommended in any feedback you’ve received.

Make sure that your own thinking is more evident than the material you have borrowed from your two sources, which should have the appropriate in-text parenthetical citations.

In other words, 30-40+% of the draft you generated in step 4 should be different in this draft.

Step 6: Edit.
Using your draft, make changes that improve your sentence construction, word choice, and punctuation use. Specifically, make sure that you are consistently using present tense to discuss the articles. This version is the one that will be graded for writing quality.

Step 7: Save and submit your assignment.
This is an assignment you will want to keep in your personal files as well as submit to your instructor. Therefore, when you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor.

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