Becoming a Part of the Criminal Justice

ENG104 requires each student to write an organized Research Report. The page length is 8 pages (not including reference page, table of contents and cover page). Out of those 8 pages, one whole page can be devoted to pictures, charts, or graphics. Students can either have one whole page of graphics, or there can be possibly 4 graphics that take up a quarter page each spread throughout the report.

The topic of the report is to connect to the student’s major, future profession, or any idea having to do with business, science, or health. Other than that guideline, students are free to choose their own topic. It is encouraged that students discuss ideas for a topic with their instructor. Many ideas students have for a topic can be made to fit the above requirement.

The report will incorporate elements of design such as headings, white-space and a table of contents.

All outside sources must be credited with in-text citations throughout the report and with a list of References or Works Cited at the end of the report.

Students must use either MLA or APA Style for crediting sources. Students may choose which style to use. It is recommended that students chose the style they will most likely be using in future classes or in their profession. The class instructor can offer suggestions on which style a student would most likely use in the future.