Background to the development issue

What is the objective of this assessment?
This information is also available in this 20 minute video by Emma: (Links to an external site.)
Development studies is a multidisciplinary field concerned with a range of social, political and economic issues around the world. In this course, we have touched on some, but by no means all, of these topics. In order to expand your understanding of a major issue in international development, in this assignment you will carry out research on one of the development topics listed below. The assignment supports your ability to search for relevant sources, analyse literature, and apply your critical thinking skills to assess the development issue.

What do I need to do?
First, select the issue you are going to research. Pick one topic based on the five themes in module 3:

1Health as a social justice/human rights issue (not Covid-19)
2Food security/sovereignty
3Climate change adaptation
4Out of school children (where it is a longer term issue, not the short-term closure of schools as a result of Covid-19)
5Gender inequality

You also need to select the country that you will base your report on. You may choose any one setting in which you can identify two relevant development interventions.

The assignment is divided into three parts. You can find information about all three parts in the syllabus. for this part, you need to:

Carry out online research on the issue and write one sentence on each of these four aspects: location, geopolitical, environmental and social context. Write one more sentence to explain why you picked this topic.

How should I do the assignment?
Present the five sentences as sentences (i.e. in a paragraph of text), bullet points or a mind map. If using a mind map, save it as an image file or provide the URL to the website where you have saved it.