Assessment of digital learning/online learning with emphasis on its importance during and after Covid times

Objectives of the project-
1. Evaluating digital learning as a whole and understanding whether it is effective and efficient or not
2. Ascertaining its role with respect to traditional education and its method
3. Probing as to whether it is the future of education and learning thereof

So the two main questions which need to be answered in this research are as follows
A. Is it more effective/better than traditional learning?
B. Is it the future?

The research paper is to be written in the format and according to the guidelines specified in the document “Project Guidelines”. The “Synopsis Document” is basically how I have started my paper so its like its incomplete draft because it has only the beginning portion. “Thoughts Document” basically states future direction for further research topics i.e. basically more topics on which research can be done which has to be stated on the report as it mentioned in the 1st page of the Project Guidelines Document. Project Outline states everything are my ideas and that I require and is a rough draft outlining all that I want in my paper but I am open to all suggestions. Important thing to note here is that I have already designed the questionnaire to be used and collected all the data so the writer will not be required to collect anything at all but only analyse it and derive meaningful conclusions from it (good if he/she could do the statistical analysis on the data to derive it). The beginning part of the paper is done hence the writer would need to start from the research design part and refer to the paper guidelines document to refer to entire format and outline of the project.

I shall explain everything more clearly once in contact with the writer.