Article review of research designs, students will read, describe and critique a research articles of their choice – utilizing quantitative method

4-5 page review of a research article. Double-spaced, 12-point font (Times New Roman), 1 margins on all sides. APA format and citation style required

As they construct their reviews, students should address a few key questions about each of their articles:
1.)What are the research questions and hypotheses (if applicable) investigated by the researchers? Are these questions/hypotheses well stated, clear, and relevant?

2.)What theoretical orientation and/or conceptual framework do the authors draw upon to frame their study? Is their framework clearly stated? Does it seem like a useful tool for answering their research questions?

3.)What kind of research design to the authors employ to answer their questions? Does the design make sense, given the questions theyve articulated? Do their methods (sampling strategy, instruments, and analysis plan) align with the design theyve articulated?

4.)What are the strengths of the research design used by the authors, as articulated? What are the challenges or weaknesses of their design?

5.)What are the findings and implications drawn by the authors? Are the findings and implications that the authors describe appropriate, given their study design and methods?