Art History

Explore Google Arts and Culture which has many links to art museums from around the world. You may also begin with this website,

This site contains links to some of the major art collections in the world.

Next: Choose your museum and explore it, inside and out. During your tour, choose at least one but no more than 3 works of art on which you will write.

Research: Do a thorough Formal Analysis of the art. Carefully consider how the artist uses the visual elements and the principles of design and how those work together to make this art exceptional. You may also research on the internet, but make certain to include all websites for your works cited page.

Research the museum where you art work lives. Discuss briefly the history of the museum. Where is it? How old is the building? Who created/founded or established the museum? What does the museum hold in its collection/what are some of the major highlights of this museum?

In your writing, please include the following information:

#1 – Name, artist, medium and date of the artwork

#2 – Formal/Visual analysis of the art work

#3 -Contextual information about the art (period of time it was made during, any interesting background information relating to the artist, name of the style or movement the art work belongs to, e.g. Renaissance, Impressionism, Surrealism, etc”

#4 – Museum overview (see above)

Present: Please submit a paper 4 pages of your original writing, not including the images of the art or the works cited page.