Art History 2

Starting in Unit 3, we start to see a growing number of artists who are really growing creatively while exploring their personal styles and searching for subject matter from all over Europe. Artists begin to create more, and are so prolific that there is a wealth of artwork created during their careers that we often do not get a chance to see.
o This week, choose one ARTIST from Unit 3 who you think is unique in style, subject matter, or technique.
o Find one painting by that artist that you have not seen in the course materials, and write an essay analyzing their work.
o Following the pattern of analyzing paintings in the slide show presentations, present a detailed overview of your artists work based on what you see, and how that fits into the artists personal style and the subject matter of the period. Relate the artwork to concepts you have learned in this unit.
o For this assignment, historical documentation is not necessary. Write your essay as if you are in a museum with a friend; you are describing a painting based on what youve learned in class.
Read the assignment instructions and rubric carefully before beginning.
Use full sentences and appropriate academic language in all work.
Follow standard APA guidelines (proper margins, double-spaced, 12-point
Times New Roman, and cover page).
Use APA citation format and include a reference/work cited page when
Your essay should be approximately 2-3 pages in length.
You are required to submit an image of the art piece you selected.
Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you writ