Art Exhibition/Gallery essay

Because of the need for social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak, you will not be required to physically visit an art exhibit at a museum or gallery during the semester.
Instead, the Google Arts & Culture Project provides online virtual access to many major museums around the world. Because most of these museums are quite large with extensive collections, I suggest you concentrate on a specific period or art style or even a single artist while taking into account the particular focus of the museum (for example, the Van Gogh Museum’s entire focus is on Van Gogh while the British Museum in London has diverse artworks but is known for an outstanding collection of J.M.W Turner’s work).
The “street view” that’s an option with many virtual tours personally makes me a bit dizzy, but you may think it’s fun; it permits you to “navigate” through the various rooms in a museum. There are alternative modes for viewing each museum’s collections so choose the mode that feels most comfortable for you; take advantage of being able to zoom in to look at fine details (including wall text) and textures.You should take notes before writing and submitting a response essay after your virtual tour. What specific elements, mediums, or themes did you encounter? What impressed you? Did you find any works objectionable?
Since only a two-page response is required for this project, you should focus on only a few works you view. This is an opportunity to use the tools of careful observation and analysis explored in your reading. Counts 75 points of final grade.
Here’s a link to Google Arts & Culture to get you started:
Additionally, here is an article that introduces 12 museums that can be seen online;
This video contains some useful tips for looking at and trying to understand art you’ve never seen before. It may be helpful to view this before you visit a gallery or write about an art exhibition for this assignment.