Argumentative Research Essay 5-6 pages about Monster Culture (Seven Theses)

Prompt: Your goal is to argue whether or not Cohen’s theses are valid/correct that monsters are/are not a good window into a certain culture or society. You will do so by researching and analyzing a minimum of two monsters of your choice and connecting the information to Cohens arguments. You will do so by using Cohens text itself as evidence as well as researching at least two of your own monsters and showing how they do/do not represent the culture that invented them.
Including an introduction that draws in the reader, briefly introduces Cohen and the topic of your essay, and has a clear thesis that states your argument and signals a plan for the essay.Creating a literature review that establishes and explains Cohen’s theories in the first body paragraph. Summarize his main argument, claims, and evidence. Discuss his ideas as if you were explaining them to someone who was unfamiliar with the text.
Finding at least two different monsters of your own to prove or disprove Cohen’s theses. You could use movie monsters, TV monsters, literary monsters, mythical or fairy tale monsters, and/or real historical monsters (like serial killers). The choice is yours. This section of the paper will be where you include your outside sources to strengthen your analysis. You may consider dividing your body paragraphs based on each chosen monster and then showing how this monster fits some of Cohens claims or focusing each body paragraph on a specific thesis and adding the monster information as support to show that it is valid or not. Including at least two outside sources to strengthen your argument. The two sources must be in addition to Cohen’s chapter find a mix of peer reviewed and popular sources that support your analysis of the monsters and society. Don’t just rely on your interpretations and opinions find others who agree with you!Including vivid and specific details when describing the monsters you have chosen, and tie your examples to Cohen’s theses (you do NOT have to address all seven of his theses, only the ones that apply to your monsters). Finishing with a conclusion that restates your thesis, reviews your body paragraphs, and a final though, prediction, piece of advice, something you learned or realized or the answer to a question you posed earlier.