Argumentative Essay. Demonstrate writing a clear and narrow thesis about a work of literature and supporting that thesis through a literary analysis of that literature.

Analyze point-of-view and narration in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado” (178).

Is the narator reliable? The introduction to the Argumentative Essay should contain a brief introduction and paraphrase of the story, an explanation of the story’s theme, the thesis statement and forecast. Each paragraph will support the thesis with clear topic sentences, which in turn will be supported by examples and quotations from the story. The conclusion paragraph should bring a sense of completeness and closure to the essay.
Essays will be graded using the following criteria (see the rubric below):

Story is clearly introduced and paraphrased in the introduction paragraph and the theme is stated
Thesis presents a narrow argument that is original and debatable
Essay is well-planned and well-organized
Topic sentences are clear and state what the paragraph will argue
Topic sentences are supported with examples from the story
Writer is clear and specific about how their example supports their topic sentence
Quotes are used appropriately and are not overused
Quotes are not left without further analysis
Paragraphs stay on topic
The essay is easy to understand and convinces your reader of your point-of-view
Essay adheres to assignment and formatting guidelines