Applying the integrated human science framework

Introduction (1/2 page)
Overview of Project
Childhood Challenges (1 page)
Comparison of childhood experiences under different life conditions
Bio/Psycho/Social Intersections (1 page)
Analyze at least 3 bio/psycho/social connections based on your reading of the two articles
Reconciling the Natural and the Cultural (1 page)
Focus on one instance in which the natural (an emotion like anxiety) and the cultural are either in alignment, or not in alignment (perhaps mismatched)
V. Well-Being and Interventions (1 page)
Assess the degree to which the children reported on experienced well-being, or lived lives in which their well-being was undermined. Specify the types of well-being that are at issue.
What is responsible for the lack of well-being? What interventions would you propose to address the deficit in well-being?
Conclusion (1/2 page)
What is your takeaway from this project in terms of the usefulness of an integrated human science perspective?
Complete citations of course texts and articles cited Note: Cite sources in body of project using APA style.

Read the 2 articles and apply it to the paper