Apply Research to Professional Settings

Select a topic related to local, state, or national policy and/or the politics surrounding the topic that is particularly meaningful to you and/or your work setting. Research the topic for the purpose of being able to apply what you learn in your current professional setting or an anticipated professional setting. Your selected topic must be from one of the following areas:


Curriculum and standards


Community relations


School choice
Write a research paper that integrates course resources and citations from other professional literature to demonstrate comprehension, application, analysis, assessment, and integration of the research for your selected topic.

A sample outline is provided below:

APA cover page
Table of contents
Introduction/background information on your topic.

Include an assessment of the theoretical underpinnings of the policy as well as its implementation process(es).

Problem statement

Why did you select your topic; what gap in your knowledge of policy did you hope to bridge?

Literature review (5-7 sources)

What have you learned through this project and how could it be applied in your current professional setting or in the kind of position to which you aspire after completing your degree program?

Appendices (if relevant)

Length: 10-12 pages with 5-7 referenced citations.
I am currently a teacher working on my masters degree to become an administrator, principal, or assistant principal. I teach in the Nash County Public school system in North Carolina. Our website may have some useful information and i teach specifically at Rocky Mount High School in North Carolina. Our school website should have information that you may need.