Apply knowledge of total rewards to create an organizational rewards structure

A. Revise the attached Current Job-Value Structure to enable internal reward equity by doing the following:
Update the salary information for the 20 current employees, as necessary.
Add in the three new positions, one brand manager and two product sales representatives, with their anticipated salaries.
Note: You must base your revisions on the attached Brand Manager Job Description, Market Rewards Survey, and Product Sales Representative Job Description.
1. Justify the salaries and placement of the three new positions, one brand manager and two product sales representatives, within the revised job-value structure.
B. Create a pay grade and ranges table that addresses the current and new roles by using your revised job-value structure and all other attachments.
1. Describe a strategy to address the original salaries found in the attached Current Job-Value Structure that might now be outside the proposed ranges.
Note: If the original salaries are not outside the proposed ranges in your pay grade and ranges table, describe a strategy that you would use if they were.
2. Justify the pay grades and ranges in the table, commenting on attraction and retention strategies.
C. Recommend one distinct variable pay option to motivate employees in three different pay ranges from part B, including a justification of why each recommendation would motivate individuals in that particular pay range.
Note: One distinct variable pay option should be provided for each pay range.
D. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.