Anthropology and Indigenous Peoples

For this essay, you will research an indigenous group and their relationship with anthropology. Include the following points in your essay.

Describe the group you have chosen. Incorporate various topics that we have explored throughout the semester: language, ethnic identity, economy, political system, kinship, marriage, religion, arts.
What issues has this group faced in terms of globalization? Some examples may include culture loss or forced resettlement.
Describe how anthropologists are currently working with this group. Some examples may include language loss prevention, revitalization of some cultural aspect, or legal representation for land rights.
Here are some examples of indigenous groups from which to choose. Your instructor may have more examples. If you choose a group not on this list, have it approved by your instructor.

The Inuit of the Arctic
The Yanomami of the Amazon
The Maasai in East Africa
The Maori of New Zealand