Analysis of Raisin In The Sun

In Act I of Raisin in the Sun, the plot begins with an “exposition” section which sets the scene, introduces the protagonists, and poses the dramatic question whose answer they are going to pursue for the length of the play and out which pursuit the conflicts arise which will motivate the action of the play.

Act II of Raisin in the Sun contains the rising action of the conflicts among the protagonists which builds toward the climax of the play at the end of the act.

Act III of Raisin in the Sun contains the falling action of the conflicts among the protagonists toward resolution, then a denouement which hints at where the characters might be headed as the play concludes.
-which you think about the play’s overall direction or trajectory across these three acts in terms of larger questions concerning how the play as a whole should be characterized.
-Is the Raisin in the Sun a tragedy? Is it a comedy? Or is its overall character a tragicomic mixture of the two?
-One way to answer this question is to think about the overall directions, trajectories, or “character arcs” of the three main protagonists though the course of the play in general and in each act specifically: Lena’s, Walter Lee’s, and Beneatha’s.
-Is Beneatha’s story tragic, is it comic, or is something in between -What about Walter Lee’s story?
-What about Lena’s?
-What about the story of the Youngers as a family overall?
-Whose dreams comes true in the end and in what ways? Whose dreams remain “deferred” and in what ways?