Analysis of an advertisement

In an essay of 4 pages, you will preform an analysis of an advertisement. Taking a position of authority, you must introduce your advertisement and provide a brief synopsis of its pertinent information. Then, through your use of observation, you are expected to establish what you think the creators of the advertisement are attempting to “say” (IE, the message they are attempting to convey). Following the synopsis and the analysis, you are then expected to offer your own interpretation/judgement of the advertisement-taking into consideration the advertisement’s inherent meaning, and you discussion on whether this meaning is successful or problematic (or both!). Purpose: To be able to describe and define the rhetorical moves as a writer/composer selects in a given text; to identify the contexts and the patters informing a given text; to offer an interpretation of a text’s rhetorical moves in order to analyze its significance. Things to think about: Instead of trying to cover every aspect of your advertisement, try to select three of four aspects of the ad you would like to thoroughly discuss. This will narrow down your focus and allow your essay to flow; Try to be as organized with your paragraphs as possible. Utilize effective transitions; Make sure you are thorough and detailed in you analysis. Do not rush through this essay. Attention to detail and a well-thought out explanation are key to writing a successful rhetorical analysis; Don’t be afraid to be skeptical. Just because advertisements are professionally made does not mean they are infallible-all advertising is meant to be manipulative; Remember to discuss how your advertisement is utilizing the rhetorical appeals to convey its message to the intended audience. Make sure your essay discusses each applicable rhetorical appeal.