Alzhimers Disease

This area should introduce the reader briefly to you topic. You may include a brief history of how the disorder was discovered or how it has evolved over the years.
An in-depth discussion on the environmental and genetic contributions to the formation of the disorder.
You will find for most of the disorders, there may not be a definitive single cause but a number of theories that explain the cause of the disorders. Discuss in detail the most prominent theories.
For most of the disorders, there is a neurological component to the condition. You want to discuss how the brain of the individual with your topic is different than someone who does not have the disorder.

Prevalent Rates/Demographics
Prevalence is a measure of likelihood that a person would be afflicted with the condition. Therefore, the number of prevalent cases is the total number of cases of the disease existing in a population.
Include specific demographics of those affected by Gender; Age; Ethnicity; etc. if appropriate

For psychological disorders, you need to use the DSM-V for this section. You need to detail what behaviors/deficits the person has to be exhibit and for how long before a diagnosis can be made. Please refrain from simply listing the symptoms by discuss the importance of the symptoms
You may also want to include other disorders that are similar to your topic and thus the individual may be misdiagnosed with.
Discuss the most prominent treatment for your topic. You will find again for most of the disorders, there is a pharmacological treatment. Make sure to discuss the medication and the side effects associated with the meds. Also discuss therapy if relevant.
Conclude your paper by summarizing your findings into one short paragraph. Two great resources are National Institute of Mental Health or the Mayo Clinic