african american proposal research

This assignment builds on the annotated bibliography assignment, in spirit if not in content. Considering the different kinds of evidence you have encountered in the course, your task is to select any research area you believe is significant to understanding, presenting, and memorializing the struggle for African American equality in America.
Complete a proposal for a research paper that includes the highlighted elements below. Materials already used or prepared for the course may be adapted for use, but you do not have to explore topics or use materials previously created. If materials already submitted are used, these must be incorporated into a new discussion.
Abstract: In 80 to 100 words, provide a brief overview of a topic related to the struggle for freedom you would like to explore. The abstract should touch on all of the elements below.
Rationale: In a paper of at least three pages, explain the specific ideas and issues that seem relevant to your research interests by addressing the following questions. These will provide a rationale explaining why your area of interest is relevant.
1. What are the issues other scholars see as related to your topic? Integrate into your rationale the work of at least three scholars published in peer-reviewed academic journals. The sources for this section should be analyzed and discussed as if you were preparing an annotation for them.
2. Discuss how course concepts are related to, and inform your choice of research question.
3. Provide an argument or line of reasoning explaining how your ideas are related to existing scholarship.
4. How will your work result in significant information, narratives, or resources that could be used by other scholars?
Personal Significance: In no less than 250 words, discuss the significance of your proposed research to your personal and professional life.
Bibliography: Provide a bibliography in the usual APA format. Include at least 3 articles (other than reviews) published in peer-reviewed journals and at least three media sources.