aesthetic abstract

The purpose of this assignment is to successfully communicate to readers through a persuasive essay utilizing the skills of abstracting and persuasive expression, avoiding the traps of each in producing the essay. This assignment supports or fulfills the following module objectives:

Explain the skill of abstracting and demonstrate its use.
Demonstrate the skill of persuasive expression in discussion and essays.
Recognize and avoid the traps inherent in abstracting and persuasive expression.

The Assignment
Write an aesthetic abstract of no less than 200 and no more than 250 words on a television show or movie you have seen recently. This abstract should describe the movie or show’s aesthetic quality, telling the reader what happened in the story and/or who the characters were in the background; in the foreground of the abstract should be your appraisal of the aesthetic quality. Write an umbrella sentence or lead to present your strongest aesthetic judgment- what was the best or worst aesthetic element (writing, acting, directing, special effects, etc). Budget your remaining words to explain the essence of the quality. For example, if you thought the script was particularly strong, then you need to talk about what happened in the plot, but don’t present a synopsis of the plot; instead show why it was such a high-quality story. Submit your work in MLA format, using size 12 font, double spaced.

Grading Criteria

Content (the accuracy of what you say in the essay and how much you say) 80%

Format (must be in MLA format to include having a works cited page) 10%

Grammar (spelling, punctuation, word usage, sentence structure, etc.) 10%

See the attached rubric for this assignment for more specific information on the grading criteria.


Textbook: Becoming a Strategic Thinker: Developing Skills for Success by W. James Potter.

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Papers that are determined to be clear examples of plagiarism will receive a score of zero, (an ‘F’) and cannot be made up. Repeat offenses will result in possible administrative or disciplinary action.