Adolescents watching television and the effects of gender roles in the shows.

Your task in this essay is to pick two different tween programs from 2010 to the present and perform a content analysis of your own, using the same theoretical lenses. What do you see when you watch these shows that stands out to you in terms of how middle school boys and girls are represented? Is there a disproportionate representation of one sex over the other? Are the individuals in question fulfilling or rebuffing traditional gender roles? What effect does the genre of the show have if any? What messages are being sent to the target audience? How do the social construction and cultivation lenses apply to these representations (i.e. how do they apply to the characters behaviors and attitudes?)? Which speculative (but logical) implications can you draw from your analysis? Write a 5-7 page paper (see formatting requirements below) that explores these topics and answers these questions. You must draw upon Marshall & Neuman, Gerding & Signorielli, and the CommonSenseMedia report meaningfully in your analysis.