Administrative Law- Law Case Analysis

This assignment is based on the Native Womens Association of Canada v. Canada

As you know, NWAC made their arguments based on the Charter of Rights and
Freedoms rather than administrative law.

In this assignment you must answer two questions:
What administrative law principles and issues arise in this case?
If you were the judge, what would be your decision based on the
administrative law principles you identify? Make sure you state your

You should rely on class discussions and other cases we have studied.

General Instructions
This case analysis has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to critically
reflect upon the course content and to apply it to a real life case. The assignment is
intended to also encourage learners to develop research skills that are necessary in
this field.

To maximize opportunities for learning, please review the content we have covered
so far in the course and consider adding additional resources.

Submission Requirements
Your answer should be between 1,500-2000 words, typed and double-spaced