Accounting Research Paper – Revenue Recognition for Casinos

One of the primary duties of an accountant is to prepare written reports. Accountants today must be able to research, interpret and communicate complex accounting subjects in an easy-to-understand manner. The subject of your research may be any auditing, financial reporting or tax-related issue that you can research in the FASB Codification database.

Your final paper should meet the following requirements:

seven (7) page minimum length (including cover page and references page)
body of the paper (content) must be a minimum of 5 pages, double spaced
utilize and cite AT LEAST two outside sources (other than the course text)
include citations using APA guidelines
include a cover page and a bibliography page (not included in the content minimum)
VeriCite score of 25% or less
Submissions will be checked for authenticity using VeriCite. VeriCite generates a similarity score comparing your writing to online resources and the work of other students.