Abuse of power in leadership positions

The paper must be at least 5 full pages in length in content, but not to exceed 6 full pages. Note: Content length does not include a cover page (if used) or your references page. The length requirement pertains to subject content.
Required elements of your paper include the following:
Historical context for the topic. How have we come to understand the topic over time?
Definition a thorough definition/explanation of the OB topic, including its nature and value. How would you explain its nature and value to others? How do different researchers define it?
Relevance explain why you selected the topic, why it has special meaning for you, and what you might do in the future to learn more about it. Why is it important to you and how will you develop your current interest in the topic?
You may write in the first- or third-person based on what is most comfortable for you.