Abnormal Psychology

This is a new client to an outpatient treatment facility. As a clinician you would need to rule out Bipolar disorder or Major depressive disorder. What questions they would you ask or what observations they would you make that would rule in or rule out the diagnoses?

Mrs. S. came to the clinic with her husband. Mrs. S. is 35, but looks much older. Her hair was unkempt, and she walked slowly and with a stooped posture, as though she were carrying a heavy burden. Her face showed little expression although there were tears in her eyes. Her answers to questions were given in a low voice in one- or two-word sentences. Clearly, Mrs. S. could have a mood disorder, but what kind? What information would rule in bipolar disorder? What information would rule it out? What would rule in Unipolar depression? What would rule it out? What other disorders could Mrs. S. be suffering from?

For this discussion you will submit a post that is between 400-500 words minimum. Using APA for both in text citations and works cited.You do not need a running header, page number, or abstract. You will answer the following post and back up your responses with reliable sources. Wikipedia is in no way a reliable source. You must have a minimum of three reliable sources.