A Disappearing Number

You second paper is about the Complicite’ production of A Disappearing Number. You have a choice. You can write about what was effective or ineffective about the acting, directing, or the design.

1. Acting: If you write about the acting, use the guidelines from paper 1.

2. Directing: If you write about the work of the director, you could discuss elements such as the quality of the casting, the production concept, the blocking, and/or the stage pictures. Revisiting the directing chapter will help you greatly. Be sure to refer to the director by name.

Example of solid thesis: Director Troy McClure made several effective casting choices but his director’s concept, setting the play in an apocalyptic future, seemed forced and did little to illuminate the play.

3. Design: If you write about the work of the designers (set, costume, lighting or sound), concentrate on one or two design elements. Exhaust your opinions about one designer before moving on to another. Don’t try to do them all. Be sure to refer to the designer by name.

Example of solid thesis: Set designer June Riviera effectively used a vivid color scheme to create the world of the play and Carl Johnson’s costumes made strong statements about each character.

You can mix up topics if you like. For example, you can write about the performance of one actor and the work of the set designer. Choose what impacted you the most.