A Creative Life…

Creativity is defined as the ability to bring to fruition what is imagined. While artists are generally labeled “creative”, non-artists find all sorts of ways to bring creativity into their lives. Hard work will get you from point a to point b, but creativity makes the ride a lot more meaningful.

This assignment asks you to reflect seriously upon your own creativity. In what ways could you be considered creative? The standard responses I usually get for this are “I’m creative in the kitchen”….which is no doubt true, but please go into some detail (okay, maybe not mind-numbing detail) about how what you do is creative, and what satisfaction or frustration you get out of this activity. Post a picture of your creative endeavor (for example: a lovely meal, a beautifully landscaped yard, a painting or drawing you’ve done, the deck you built last year, etc.)*

If you dont consider yourself creative in any way, now is the time to start!

Post a short paragraph about your creative endeavor and picture* to the Discussion Board under Week 8, and be sure to reply to a classmates post for full credit.